Navigating the Manger and Employee relationship is one of the keys to a successful team.   Everyone approach leadership, conflict, communications and feedback in different ways.

A full feedback from the Birkman Signature Suite is the best way to develop a deep sense of self-understanding. Yet, Birkman goes further by creating reports that allow you to compare yourself to your supervisor, direct report, or colleague.

A two-person comparative report highlights the similarities that two people have and also points out the areas for potential conflict. Because each individual has a unique world view, there will always be areas for misunderstanding or communication issues in relationships. A Birkman comparative report can enable two people to work together better with fewer conflicts, more productivity, and greater mutual understanding.

Comparative and group reporting is exceptionally useful for talent selection, conflict resolution, team building, and employee on-boarding.

You will receive in total a 42 page comprehensive packet. The Be Clear Consulting Package includes taking the Birkman Method Questionnaire, the Basics, plus a custom-made (massive) set of Birkman reports and a 90 minute consultation that will break down 11 signature components of your unique personality. Each and every component reveals three aspects of you and your personal drives. At the end of our talk you will have a permission slip to live your best life! You will undeniably know what your needs are and have an unshakable desire to meet your needs. Expect to have many  “Ah-ha”  moments during this 60 minute consultation where the time will fly by.