Kevin leads a planning workshop from the front of the room. Business people discuss in small groups at tables.


Resonate Consulting is a professional firm that provides planning, board and organization development, leadership development and training. For over 20 years we have assisted clients to establish vibrant and effective organizations, sound collaborative decision-making and build effective teams. Our professional mission is to convene and catalyze social and organizational change.
We provide an integrated offering of client-specific professional services in the areas of:

  • Strategic, Operational, and Business Planning
  • Organization Development and Team-Building
  • Board Development
  • Senior Management and Team Retreats
  • Collective Impact and Collaboration Design
  • Facilitation and Conference Design
  • Group Communication and Decision Skills Development

Process Design Experience

Creativity to design the right content to move your organization forward.

Client centered

No cookie cutter approaches. Each engagement is specifically designed to match your organizations outcomes.

Facilitation Skills

Innovative and state-of-the-art group facilitation skills. Moving groups to action.

Experience with all groups

Having worked with groups of 5 or 200 I have the flexibility to facilitate
in many diverse situations.

Cutting Edge Tools

I use the latest cutting edge transformational tools.

Tools and Frameworks

I utilize proven and innovative tools and frameworks to maximize success.

Integral and Holistic

Establish solutions that are integral, holistic and last.


I design work that brings long term transformation and change.


What Clients Say

“Yesterday I spent the day in a workshop with Kevin Hiebert that opened my heart and mind to awareness about how we all communicate with each other! Check out his offerings. I would recommend him to individuals, teams and organizations!
John Carroll, One World Flag
Effectively planned retreats are an excellent platform for reinforcing leadership skills, brainstorming ideas, solving problems, stimulating teamwork, nurturing a sense of camaraderie, and clarifying and reaffirming your organization’s competitive strategy. I work with your team to develop retreats that meet your goals and advance your team using engaging and participatory methods.
Some conversations benefit from having a neutral facilitator to guide the group’s conversation. I facilitate effective group meetings that support consensus and action.  I use creative and participatory methods to maximize engagement, generate group conversation, dialogue and ideas and move to effective decisions.
Being a leader in today’s rapidly changing environment requires that leaders obtain the right skills, tools and mindsets to respond effectively. Through coaching you can break old habits, beliefs and patterns of working that no longer bring desired results and obtain new skills. I support leaders in their personal leadership journey.

Why Choose Us

  • Extensive process design experience
  • State-of-the-art group facilitation skills.
  • Customize a creative response to each situation an organization may be facing.
  • Use the latest cutting edge transformational tools.
  • Emphasize collaboration, dialogue and inquiry.
  • Establish solutions that are integral, holistic and last.

What Clients Say

I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated your help at our last meeting you were great at keeping people to positives and actually accomplished a lot.
I think people are now realizing it shouldn’t be just a few of us shouldering the load to make good things happen. Thanks so much I truly appreciate all you do.

Cynthia Powers